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Hematoxylin & Eosin

 Recut(s), H&E
 Serial Sections, H&E
 Unstained sections
 Deeper Level(s), H&E
 Section at __ microns *
 Return blocks

Special Stains

 Acid Fast (Niehl-Neelsen)
 Calcium (Von Kossa)
 Iron (Gomori)
 Acid Fast (Fite)
 Carbohydrates (PAS)
 Acid Mucopolysaccharide (Alcian Blue)
 Collagen (Gomori Trichrome)
 Mucin (Mayer mucicarmine)
 Acid Mucopolysaccharide (Collodial Iron)
 Elastic (Verhoeff EVG)
 Pneuemocystis (GMS)
 Amyloid (Bennhold Cogo Red)
 Fat (Oil Red O)
 Reticulum (Chandler)
 Argetaffin (Fontana-Masson)
 Fungus (PAS)
 Spirochetes (Warthin_Starry)
 Bacteria (Gram Stain)
 Fungus (GMS)
 Blood Smears (Wright Giemsa)
 Glycogen (PAS) with diastase
 Other *


 AE1 Karatin
 AE3 Keratin
 Pan Keratin
 Actin HHF-35
* Please list the # of microns or the "other" stain in the comment area. Thank you.

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