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Services Provided
Histopathology Reference Laboratory (HRL) is one of the nation's premium providers of high-quality, cost-efficient, technically superior histology slides. Located in Northern California, HRL is a privately owned laboratory that has been providing timely high-quality service for over 20 years.

HRL competes primarily on the basis of quality and service, with a particular emphasis on responsiveness to the customers need. Rapid turnaround of services, computer generated labels, direct access telephone line, and customer service personnel who maintain close contact with the customer exemplify HRL's commitment to providing its customers with a high level of response. We specialize in a full range for services highlighted below.

Basic Services

24-hour service available to receive specimens, give technical assistance and request additional slides and stains.

Routine and special processing available using thermostatically controlled VIP processors to ensure complete and through exchange of fluids.

Conventional or specialized embedding medium

Routinely at 5 microns with 2 micron section available for special techniques. Serial sectioning, levels, recuts and unstained section are available.

Routine Staining:
Using a regressive Hematoxylin and Eosin staining technique, we provide individualized H&E stains.

Rapid Turnaround:
Normal practice includes afternoon pick-up, processing overnight and fished slides available the next morning. Overnight shipping is available for locations outside of courier network.

Printed Labels:
Computer generated color coded and easy to read.

Online Forms:
Client information form, service request form, trim sheet, and special request form are available online to download.

Computerized Billing:
Monthly statements generated and forwarded to client for non-Medicare patients.

Special Services

Cytological Staining:
We specialized in superior processing and staining of PAP smears, cerebrospinal fluids, sputum and cell blocks.

Special Stains:
We offer all histological special stains. Please contact us for a current list of available stains.

Immunoperoxidase Stains:
We offer a wide variety of immunoperoxidase stains. Please contact us for a current list of available stains.

Special Processing:
We offer specialized processing including decalcification and tissue reprocessing.

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